“Freedom is the opportunity to choose”

“Freedom is the opportunity to choose”



We'd like to say, one again, thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Everyone here is absolutely delighted. We have now chosen Ringley to be our new managing agent for Howitt Close. On behalf of all the Howitt Close RTM participants, we would like to offer their heartfelt thanks.

Dave Mcfall. Co Member
Howitt Close RTM Company

Howitt Close



There was a great sense of relief last week that after many years Park House had moved on from Nicholsons. Many thanks for carrying out the transfer and this was conveyed by all leaseholders present at the meeting. We would like to thank RTMF on behalf of all leaseholders at Park House for all his efforts on setting up the RTM company and the appointing of new managing agents. They were so helpful and I certainly won't have any hesitation in recommending them for anyone else interested in pursuing RTM.

Ray Gonsalves. Director
Park House RTM Company

Park House



With thanks to RTMF for making this happen for us. After 20 years of poor management we are now working with a much better management company and the benefits of your work are now all to play for.

Nishani Kampfner. Director
Cintra Court RTM Company

Cintra Court

Crystal Palace


As with many residents who decide to break out into the Right to Manage world we had become frustrated with our managing agents. RTMF were great at supporting us through the process and were always on hand to deal with our anxieties, queries and offer additional bits of support which helped us reach our goal.

Thanks to RTMF we are now venturing into an exciting working relationship with our new managing agents, however, I feel comfortable that if things become unclear or we need some general advice RTMF are willing to help if they can.

Bekir Yusuf. Director
Devonshire Court RTM Company

Devonshire Court



"The Right to Manage is a triumph, with RTMF being integral to that success. Not only will it enable us to get better value for money by allowing us to tender contracts, but the added control it entitles us to will be vital in the day-to-day management of the block and its upkeep."

Professor Bob Nobay . Director
Metro Central Heights RTM Company

Metro Central Heights

Elephant and Castle


"RTMF has set us free from the ridiculously high charges set upon us by our management company for the last 12 years of our lives. It's only taken RTMF about 6 months to complete the process for us. Thanks to them we now manage the property ourselves.

Nick and his company are an absolute pleasure to work with and to say they are on the ball is an understatement. They replied to every piece of communication we sent extremely quickly. They were always on the end of the phone to answer all our questions, however trivial they were.

They made this process so simple and easy to understand. Can't recommend them highly enough. A massive thank you to them. They are still helping us with advice even after they have completed their job"

Lee Cradock. Director
13 Manor Road RTM Company

13 Manor Road



"Having already received a Counter-Notice to an earlier RTM Claim, we enlisted the help of RTMF to ensure that a new Claim would be as robust as possible, so that the Freeholder's solicitor, Conway & Co, could not find anything to object to a second time. Nick took great trouble to review and amend our documentation, and we are delighted that the Claim was successful.

RTMF is a company which clearly knows its field inside out. They are friendly and responsive, and have supported us with RTM-related advice above and beyond the Claim itself, which has been greatly appreciated. I recommend their services unreservedly."

Jo Webber. Director
22 Pine Road RTM Company

22 Pine Road



"I recently used the services of RTMF to form Rusper Court RTM. I found their service to be efficient and helpful, in addition to being very reasonably priced. One thing that impresses me above all else, is that their helpfulness is still being extended to me, months after they received the final payment for their services".

Trevor Trotman. Director
Rusper Court RTM Company

Rusper Court



"The three leaseholders in our property in southeast London decided to take on the right to manage using RTMF’s services after years of overcharging and substandard service by our freeholder’s agents. We were each paying at least about £1,000 a year – often more than this – and had no say in any of the decisions that were made. This included an annual £600 management fee – each – for which we had nothing to show other than other than an annual bill demanding this sum. Even worse, we suspected that much of the work for which we were charged was never carried out, while the agents always used preferred service providers, including their own companies, and never sought competitive bids.

We opted to self-manage rather than appoint new agents because the property has just three flats. RTMF set up our right-to-manage company and guided us from start to finish, helping demystify the process. Our point of contact at RTMF, Nick Bignell, was professional and attentive, always answering our – numerous – questions fully. He helped make the experience painless and was a calming influence in what otherwise would have been a stressful situation.

Taking on the right to manage has been liberating to say the least. We now have total control over how our property is managed and are saving heaps of money. Not only have we saved on the management fee and sundry other expenses, but we have cut our insurance premium to almost a third of what we were paying under the freeholder’s agents. Thank you RTMF!"

Wayne Judd. Director
19 Ullswater Road RTM Company

19 Ullswater Road



Unlike many other Right to Manage service providers, RTMF work on a fixed fee basis including First Tier Tribunal hearings, which proved necessary in our case. Dudley Joiner did a superb job at the Tribunal hearing and we were overjoyed to be granted the Right to Manage. We now look forward to having a much better managed building.

Christopher Bolton. Director
8/11 Cleveland Square RTM Company

8/11 Cleveland Square



"If you wish to acquire the RTM we thoroughly recommend instructing the Right to Manage Federation. Not only will you get a formidable and authoritative court presence if required but also expert guidance and hands-on participation during the handover period. Our handover was particularly difficult due to our uncooperative freeholder. The RTMF was unstintingly generous, going far beyond the call of duty by always being available to attend meetings, research expert legal advice and resolve conflicts with any disagreeing parties. Having emerged from a bitterly contested legal wrangle to acquire the Right to Manage, the battle-scarred Board will always be grateful to Dudley Joiner and the RTMF for not only carrying us to victory but also ensuring firm foundations were laid, thereby getting our new management agents off to the best possible start".

Dorothy, Angela & Andrew. Directors
Brixton Hill Court RTM Company

Brixton Hill Court



The Leaseholders of 369 Upland Road would like to sincerely thank your team at the Right to Manage Federation (RTMF) for the sheer doggedness and determination in guiding us through what we knew would be a challenging application process.

The numerous appeals from the Freeholder extended the anticipated timescale which finally ended up with the Upper Tribunal’s decision in our favour. It was at times, extremely frustrating and demoralising, yet you remained positive of a successful outcome.

We have now achieved our aim and we would not have got there without the RTMF’s support and unrivalled knowledge and experience in this field. Once again, thank you on behalf of five very happy and relieved Leaseholders!

R Booth. Director
369 Upland Road RTM Company

369 Upland Road

East Dulwich


We were very pleased to find a firm with enough technical expertise, strategic skills and dogged determination, to see the Right to Manage process through to completion.

Glenn Halton. Director
Canadian Avenue RTM Company

Canadian Avenue



"For a decade we (four leaseholders in a Victorian conversion) were at the mercy of a rogue landlord who used any and every opportunity to exploit his position as managing agent, with bogus service charges, an inflated insurance premium, and service charge account deficit demands that simply didn't add up. To say nothing of the historic neglect and lack of regular maintenance of the property. We had long discussed taking over the right to manage, and one phone call with the RTMF was all we needed to take the first step. The RTMF took a daunting process and simplified it. In fact, there was little or no "heavy lifting" involved in setting the RTM company up from our end, just the signing of a few forms and a very reasonable fee for service. We have already saved two thirds on our insurance, which was the very first thing we changed once our company was formed. We are continuing to use the RTMF to provide secretarial services, given our lack of expertise in this area. Thank you RTMF for helping us gain control of our property."

Michol Munns. Director
66 Shooters Hill Road RTM Company

66 Shooters Hill Road


Having tried ourselves to acquire Right to Manage we discovered that the freeholder was dead set against us and ready to object at every turn. We were very pleased to discover RTMF who pursued the claim on our behalf and were ultimately successful. I'm quite sure that without their considerable efforts and dedication we would never have got through this process.

Chris Balmer . Director
Canadian Avenue RTM Company

Canadian Avenue