“Freedom is the opportunity to choose”

“Freedom is the opportunity to choose”



"There are many reasons why leaseholders look to exercise their Right To Manage and there are many real and imagined benefits once it has been obtained.

The question is how does a novice make the change easy and affordable whilst understanding and completing all the legal work?

We looked at doing it ourselves, hiring solicitors, maybe forgetting all about it or finding a reputable third party expert to assist.

We contacted RTMF by email, then phone then one face-to-face meeting and we agreed to proceed for an affordable fixed price. The RTMF took care of every thing for us and despite change of freeholder in the middle it all ran smoothly and to timescale.

In parallel we selected our new managing Agent, they agreed to fund the transition and we repaid them out of first year savings.

RTMF were prompt and accurate in all their contact with us and did a great job for us.”

F Bullock. Director
Sixty8 at the Marina RTM Company

Sixty8 at the Marina