The Leaseholders of 369 Upland Road would like to sincerely thank your team at the Right to Manage Federation (RTMF) for the sheer doggedness and determination in guiding us through what we knew would be a challenging application process.

The numerous appeals from the Freeholder extended the anticipated timescale which finally ended up with the Upper Tribunal’s decision in our favour. It was at times, extremely frustrating and demoralising, yet you remained positive of a successful outcome.

We have now achieved our aim and we would not have got there without the RTMF’s support and unrivalled knowledge and experience in this field. Once again, thank you on behalf of five very happy and relieved Leaseholders!

R Booth, 369 and 371 Upland Road, East Dulwich

Pleased to say that all is going very smoothly so far, the transfer of emergency call - window cleaning - internal cleaning - gardening and lift services have all been accomplished successfully.

The selection process proved to be relatively easy based on your comprehensive questionnaire to each of the invited tenderer's backed up by our 10 point list. The only difficult part was making a decision choosing between the two company's who made the short list, we felt that either would have met our expectations so it was a good position to be in.

All in all the whole experience of taking up our Right to Manage using RTMF proved to be trouble free, and made simple a process that would have been much more difficult had we elected to effect the change ourselves. Thank you for being there to guide us when needed.

Geoff Walker, Victoria Place, Esher

If you wish to acquire the RTM we thoroughly recommend instructing RTMF. Not only will you get a formidable and authoritative court presence if required but also expert guidance and hands-on participation during the handover period.

Our handover was particularly difficult due to our uncooperative freeholder. The RTMF was unstintingly generous, going far beyond the call of duty by always being available to attend meetings, research expert legal advice and resolve conflicts with any disagreeing parties.

Having emerged from a bitterly contested legal wrangle to acquire the Right to Manage, the battle-scarred Board will always be grateful to Dudley Joiner and the RTMF for not only carrying us to victory but also ensuring firm foundations were laid, thereby getting our new management agents off to the best possible start.

Dorothy, Angela & Andrew, Brixton Hill Court, Brixton

When researching companies to help us set up an RTM we were persuaded by the RTMF’s helpfulness and speed of response to our initial enquiries. With their expert help our company was quickly established and our existing managing agents persuaded to transfer responsibility to us. Would certainly recommend to others thinking of going down the RTM road.

Denis Barrett , 115 Cheam Road, Sutton

The directors of Knights Court (Balsall Common) RTM Company wish to commend the high standard of competence displayed by the RTMF in achieving Right to Manage for Knights Court on the 4 September 2014.

Due to the particular situation at Knights Court we decided to use the RTM process offered by Peverel who were our management company and they agreed.

The process started in July 2013. In February 2014 Peverel claimed they had been instructed by the landlord Fairhold Homes (No.13) Ltd to withdraw all assistance and legal help to Knights Court, as it was a conflict of interest for Peverel to act for us.

We were left badly in the lurch, but we were aware of the good work that the RTMF had done in the past in helping to deliver RTM to other sites. Nick Bignell took over the mess we were in and in a matter of four months achieved RTM for us. We cannot praise the RTMF enough.

We knew when Peverel walked away from us we were going to need a near miracle to get us out of the situation we were in. By their knowledge of RTM law and their attention to detail Nick and the team at RTMF pulled off that miracle. They may claim it was all in the days work but Knights Court know we will always be in debt to them.

To anyone who needs help in RTM the directors at Knights Court commend the RTMF to them without reservation.

Harry Gilmour, Knights Court, Balsall Common

We at Limewood Court Ilford gave a collective sigh of relief when we with the essential help of RTMF wrestled control from Peverel, after 23 years of Managment ended on the 1st October 2014.

A spurious objection was raised by Peverel/Landlord to our application but after the two caped crusaders got on the case the objection was withdrawn at the last minute.

Not only do we recommend the services of the RTMF but would say without Nick and Dudley we would not have had such a successful outcome.

P Son, Limewood Court, Ilford

Unlike many other Right to Manage service providers, RTMF work on a fixed fee basis including First Tier Tribunal hearings, which proved necessary in our case. Dudley Joiner did a superb job at the Tribunal hearing and we were overjoyed to be granted the Right to Manage. We now look forward to having a much better managed building.

Christopher Bolton, 8-11 Cleveland Square, Bayswater

The experience of the past year has been a firm sense that we are in control of our affairs, as we had hoped. We have been able to devise and implement local solutions to problems with the support of the managing agents: decisions are being made in Welwyn Garden City, not Newcastle. We continue to appreciate the efficiency with which the transfer was managed by the RTMF.

Eric D Farlie, Barnside Court, Welwyn Garden City

Fantastic result! I am over the moon. I cannot wait to let the other leaseholders know. I was not able to make the hearing but from the ruling it is obvious that Dudley did a sterling job representing our interests. I clearly made the right decision when seeking guidance and representation for our Right To Manage. Thank you for all your efforts in this endeavour.

Gareth Morgan, Old House Gardens, Twickenham

Dormy House and Highwayman Court of Sheringham acquired the Right to Manage on May 27th this year. Already we are seeing a benefit with a reduction on our annual buildings insurance of £4550, even though we are still using the same insurance company that the previous management company used. We have tried on two previous occasions to get the freehold but the costs proved too great, going for the RTM is a much cheaper way of getting rid of poor and expensive management companies.

Nick and RTMF got us through the procedure very painlessly, they were helpful all the way through and have continued to be helpful, both myself and ArnoldsKeys have been in touch with RTMF after the final invoice was paid asking and being given help and advice. Don’t think you have to stay lumbered with a bad management company, use RTMF and acquire the Right to Manage, appoint the management company of your choice, or do it yourself.

Ray Copeland, Dormy House, Sheringham