Having had horrendous problems with our freeholder/managing agent the residents of Davis Court took matters into their own hands and through the good offices of the 'Right to Manage Federation' decided to form an RTM Company. After a selection process Millstream Management Services Limited was chosen and they took over as our Managing Agent on 26th July 2010.

It was the best thing that we have ever done as Millstream have proved to be excellent and we are delighted with the service we have received. We have just had our first 'budget meeting' and despite VAT increases and the expected increases of contactors prices we are very pleased with the outcome.

It is an absolute delight to work with a company that are willing to listen to our ideas and where practicable, implement them. I cannot speak too highly of Millstream, particularly our Area Manager, Steve Coffill, and would recommend them to any other 'Scheme' that has problems. With the aid of the RTMF, who looked after us all the way, the path is made so easy.

Ron Wheeldon, Davis Court, St Albans

In 2002 McCarthy and Stone built Haven Court, a block of 58 retirement flats in Seaton. This offered the opportunity for people to own a new flat in a seaside town without having to worry about repairs, maintenance and looking after a garden. A resident House Manager would take care of all of this and there was an added advantage of social activities organised amongst the other residents.

What started out as a comfortable and stress free environment started to fall apart when the block of flats was sold to part of the Consensus Group, this Group also purchased the company responsible for managing the property, Peverel Management Services Limited. It was not long before the leaseholders started to see excessive increases in their service charge and the nominal rent that they had to pay for the resident managers flat. Fortunately legislation exists for leaseholders to take control of the management of their block by forming a Right to Manage Company.

Helped by Dudley Joiner of the Right to Manage Federation a Company was formed in July 2010, Peverel Management Services were removed as the managing agent and in December 2010 Kingsdale Group was appointed as the new managing agent.

Already Kingsdale Group are making significant savings on the management of Haven Court as well as providing full transparency of their charges. Leaseholders are saving £9,000 per annum for similar or better services than those they had previously received and everyone is now able to enjoy their retirement without the feeling of being constantly 'ripped off'

Bill Price, Haven Court, Seaton

Thank you for your letter and enclosures of 19 cheques and especially for dealing with these refunds so promptly. Although I know, from experience, how efficient you all are, I must admit we did not expect such quick service and it was a welcome present for all which I was able to distribute at our Christmas Lunch last Friday! Thanks also for your good wishes for our new Management.

We have already had proof of how different things are going to be for us henceforth and feel sure we have chosen the right Company, so everyone is very happy and Pat, our Manager, is almost back to her old self. We are most grateful for all your help at RTMF and I know it would have been a nightmare without your guidance.

May I say that, although the change to Kingsdale is only just over a month old, the difference it has made to us is increasingly apparent, and indeed has been since day one! We are so grateful to have been recommended to them and it is lovely to be able to sit back and relax once again!

Sylvia Benham, Great House Court, East Grinstead

Thanks to RTMF who guided us through the appropriate legislation and were always available to us when we needed advice, we were able to exercise our right to manage our leasehold property. We have saved several thousand pounds in the process and are enjoying our new found freedom. Thanks again to RTMF who acted in a professional way and were a pleasure to work with.

Alan Cain, Francis Court, Littlehampton

We were paying over the odds and receiving poor service from our previous Estate Managers. No longer, thanks to the RTMF we have now managed to change managers to a smaller , more personal Company and have achieved significant reductions in our service charges and a vastly improved service with infinitely better communication.

We are now able to get all the jobs and repairs done that the previous managers had neglected. We could not have done this without using the services of the RTMF, who were totally efficient and communicative during the changeover process

David Hyman, Kendalside, Gibbs Green