Right to Manage for Retirement Flats

We have been providing a proprietary ‘cost paid’ RTM service to retired leaseholders for over a decade. We do not recommend that retired residents self-manage. Instead we use RTM legislation to enable them to end their landlord's monopoly and appoint a professional management company of their own selection.

Right to Manage for Retirement Flats

Retired flat owners all over the country are turning to Right to Manage as the best solution to achieving high standards and increased value for money.

We make it easy...

We prepare all the statutory notices on leaseholders' behalf and administer the whole process from beginning to end. Apart from attending presentations by your chosen management companies and voting in the selection process, resident participation is minimal and the changeover usually seamless. All decisions are democratic and no one is pressurised. RTM usually takes 5 to 6 months to acquire.

Ask the experts...

When RTM was first mooted I was convinced it would suit the retirement sector when leaseholders are generally more conscious of services and costs.

Peter Haler MBE, former chief executive, Leasehold Advisory Service.

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