Application for Right to Manage

The easiest way to apply for RTM is to use our Online Application service. Complete the form below, You will then be asked to create your account where you can login and submit the details of all consenting leaseholders. You will need at least 50% of Leaseholders in each block for you to qualify for Right to Manage (Click here for more information on Qualifying Criteria)

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Primary Contact Details

The flat number entered here should be that of the flat you own in the premises seeking RTM

Management Proposal

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Note: This is the name of the property, estate or development seeking RTM.

If your property is a multi-block estate and has specific names for each block. Please use the field below to give the name of the block where your flat is located.

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Note: If the blocks in your property do not have specific names, please use a designation ( i.e. Block A / Block B ) to identify. If your Premises is a single block estate please leave this blank.

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Note: Only blocks that are participating in the RTM should be included

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Name and address of freeholder

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Qualifying Criteria

If not structurally detached, is the part of the building seeking RTM vertically divided and capable of being redeveloped independently*

Are at least two thirds of flats in each block owned by qualifying tenants?*

Note: A qualifying tenant is a leasehold owner whose lease was originally granted for a term of more than 21 years.

If part commercial (i.e. shops or of offices on ground floor). Does the non-residential part exceed 25% of the total floor area?*

If a single block, do 50% or more leaseholders support RTM? *

If Multiple blocks, do 50% or more leaseholders in each block support RTM? *

Block Details

If multiple blocks, specify the numbering of the flats in each block.

Note: If your premises has more than 15 blocks, please call us for further instruction

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if no name give designation. i.e Block A / Block B

Details of those willing to act as founding directors

Please give details of at least one proposed RTM company director. Details of others can be added at a later date once your account is active.

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